Lord Byron's manuscript of 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage', Canto III, 1816

John Murray's first published work by Lord Byron was the epic poem 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage' in 1812. This epic poem describes the foreign travels of a world-weary man. The publication was an overnight success, with Byron claiming that he had awakened to find himself famous.


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And windy Not vainly did the Persian make
His altar the high places, and the peak
Of earth overgazing mountains, and thus take
The wide and unwalled temple
A fit & unwalled temple, there to seek
The Spirit in whose honour shrines are weak
Unreared of human hands : — go come and compare
Columns and idol dwellings, Goth and Greek,
With the Nature's realms of worship, earth & air
Nor to to the
Nor fix
Nor to fix are
Nor fix on found abodes to circumscribe your prayer.


But this was death to hood and to live