Lord Byron's manuscript of 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage', Canto III, 1816

John Murray's first published work by Lord Byron was the epic poem 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage' in 1812. This epic poem describes the foreign travels of a world-weary man. The publication was an overnight success, with Byron claiming that he had awakened to find himself famous.


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Copy of a letter to
Hon. Mrs. Leigh

July 13 1832

My dear Madam,
I received from you
last evening the MSS. of the Third
Canto of Child Harold. Of this
the various interesting
scraps with your hand the
to add to them.

You cannot conceive how much
I am astonished at the way in which
it is obvious from the MSS. this
magnificent Canto was written
from actual moments of
inspiration, & at the very
places which it actually describes
. The scraps of variously coloured
paper, the writing in pencil all
most forcibly mark the genius
of the writer. Depend upon it Byron
will rise far beyond all this