Lord Byron's manuscript of 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage', Canto III, 1816

John Murray's first published work by Lord Byron was the epic poem 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage' in 1812. This epic poem describes the foreign travels of a world-weary man. The publication was an overnight success, with Byron claiming that he had awakened to find himself famous.


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Thus far have I proceeded in a theme
Renewed with no height kind auspices, to feel
We are not what we have been, and to deem
We are not what we should be, and to steel
The heart against itself, and to conceal
With a proud caution, love, or hate, or aught
Passion or feeling, purpose, h & zeal
Which is the tyrant spirit of our thought
Is a hard
It Is a hard strip task of soul, no matter, it is taught.

95. 112

And for these words I wove into a song
I know that they are nothing It may be that they are a harmless wile
They are but no self
M The shadows of the things which fleet along
And Which I could seize, in passing to beguile
My thoughts breast & or that of others for a while
Fame is the dream thirst of boyhood youth, and I am not