Letter of Charles Darwin to John Murray, 2 April 1859

Murray had agreed generous terms with Darwin to publish 'On the Origin of Species'. However, Darwin informed Murray that he would understand if Murray wanted to remove his offer after he had read the manuscript.


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animate forms — I am glad to say
that my copyists have been diligent
& I find I shall be able to send you
by Post in 3 or 4 days, the Title
(with some remarks for your consideration) the
short introduction, — Ch I. & Ch II (short
but driest in volume) & Ch. III. In about
8 or 9 days from now I shall be
able to send Ch IV & Ch X & XI.
(& ultimately you can see all if you like)
& these 6 chapters will give fair, but
certainly not too favourable, notion of
interest of whole work. Rely on it,
that I shall work like a slave to
complete all. With my thanks &