Handbill for 'Peel's Police'

Sir Robert Peel established the first modern British police force and the policemen were often known as 'Bobbies' or 'Peelers'.


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Peel's Police,
Blue Devils,
Or by whatever other appropriate Name
they may be known.

Notice is hereby given,
That a Subscription has been entered
into, to supply the PEOPLE with
STAVES of a superior Effect, either
for Defence or Punishment, which will be
in readiness to be gratuitously distributed
whenever a similar unprovoked, and there-
fore unmanly and blood-thirsty Attack,
be again made upon Englishmen, by a
Force unknown to the British Consti-
tution, and called into existence by a
Parliament illegally constituted, legislat-
ing for their individual interests, conse-
quently in opposition to the Public good.

“Put not your trust in Princes.” — DAVID.

“Help yourself, and Heaven will help you.” — FRENCH

Eliz. Soulby, Printer, 91, Gracechurch Street.

10th Nov. 1830