Selected pages and recipes from Maria Rundell's 'Domestic Cookery', 1806

Published by Murray in 1806, this cookery book proved to be an instant bestseller. Among the varied recipes, such as 'how to brew Welch Ale', there are hints and tips on how to ensure the smooth running of a household, including 'Miscellaneous Observations for the Use of the Mistress of the Family'.


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AS the following directions were intended for the
conduct of the families of the authoress's own
daughters, and for the arrangement of their table,
so as to unite a good figure with proper economy,
she has avoided all excessive luxury, such as essence
of ham, and that wasteful expenditure of large
quantities of meat for gravy, which so greatly
contributes to keep up the price, and is no less in-
jurious to those who eat than to those whose penury
obliges them to abstain. Many receipts are given
for things which, being in daily use, the mode of
preparing them may be supposed too well known to
require a place in a cookery-book; yet we rarely
meet with butter properly melted, good toast-and-
water, or well-made coffee. She makes no apo-
logy for minuteness in some articles, or for leaving
others unnoticed, because she does not write for pro-
fessed cooks. This little work would have been a
treasure to herself when she first set out in life, and
she therefore hopes it may prove useful to others.
In that expectation it is given to the Public; and
as she will receive from it no emolument, so she trusts
it will escape without censure.

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