Letter of Mary Somerville to John Murray, January 1869

Somerville finished writing her autobiography 'Personal Recollections, from Early Life to Old Age' just before hear death at the age of 92. This book was published in 1873 and in it she discusses recent scientific discoveries and theories, including those of Charles Darwin.


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for schools and children. It is
fortunate you have got a person to
write the new edition for even if I
could undertake it there is not a book
on the subject to be had in Naples & I
firmly believe no one who knows what it
means. Send me any reviews that may
take notice of my book whether for or
against it, every one admires the manner
in which it is got up. be so good as
send a copy of it from me to Mr Babbage
and to Mr Vincent Secretary to the R

We have bright sun-shine with bitterly
cold wind and frost, Vesuvius has been
powdered with snow but still sends out
vapour — No post from England for some

Yours dear Mr Murray

Very Sincerely

Mary Somerville