Letter of Mary Somerville to John Murray, January 1869

Somerville finished writing her autobiography 'Personal Recollections, from Early Life to Old Age' just before hear death at the age of 92. This book was published in 1873 and in it she discusses recent scientific discoveries and theories, including those of Charles Darwin.


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Naples Janry 1869

Dear Mr Murray

I am glad to hear from Mr Pentland
that you will undertake to publish my
autobiography, it will not give you
much trouble for I have written it with
the utmost care and have revised the copy
sent home. It is not long but should I
live till Novr I may remember some old
events or new discoveries may be made
worth inserting which can easily be done.
As Mrs Greig is in Scotland the M.S is
sent to my valued freed friend Sir John
Herschel who will send it either to you
or Mrs Greig should she be in London. Pray
read it and let me know whether you
think it will succeed or not. Of course I
shortly discuss Darwins theory in my
life it was too important a subject to be
passed over, but it is much better to leave
it out in the Phys. Geog. which is intended