Letter of Mary Somerville to John Murray, 28 March 1857

Somerville liked to pass on gossip, like the recent marriage of scientist which she writes about in this letter: 'David Brewster 76 years old [he was actually 75] was married a few days ago to Miss Parnell aged 26' [she was actually 30].


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Somerville Mrs

Florence 28th March 1857

Dear Mr Murray

I was much pleased to hear from Mr
Pentland that the Council of Education has adopted
my Phys. Geog. and that a new edition will be required
immediately, but I must protest against going to press
till it is brought up to the present time. Pentland
wishes you to delay till June and so do I, for I am
sure it is impossible to be ready sooner. I have
already completely recast the chapter on the Ocean from
Maury and shall have much more from that
excellent work. — I can have most of the journals
from the Grand Dukes library, but I much want
information on Africa, an article that must be
intirely rewritten; perhaps you would have the
goodness to send Livingstones book and indeed any
thing that you think would be useful & sent by
steam I shall have it in a fortnight. The gold mines
in California and Australia were not discovered when
the last edition was printed which will show you how
far it is behind. You who are on the spot best know
what is new, and can help me greatly — I shall work
hard but I am not so ready a worker as I used to be
my hand shakes so much. — I have excellent accounts