Letter of James Hogg to John Murray, 7 May 1815

Hogg thought one answer to his lack of money could be a rich wife, so he asked Murray to find him one in London. However, he did not actually marry until several years later when he met Margaret Phillips, a daughter of a prosperous Dumfriesshire farmer. Although she was twenty years younger than him their marriage proved to be a very happy one, and the couple had four daughters and a son.


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summer for I have as yet no house that
I can dwell in but I hope by and by to have
some fine fun there with you fishing in Saint
Mary's Lake and Yarrow eating bull trouts singing
songs and drinking whisky. — This little possession
is what I stood much in need of a habitation
among my native hills was what of all the
world I desired and if I had a little more
money at command I would just be as
happy a man as I know of but that is an
article of which I am ever in want I wish you
or Mrs. Murray would speir me out a good
wife with a few thousands I daresay there is many
a romantic girl about London who would think
it a fine play to become a Yarrow shepherdess

I suppose I must give up thoughts of further
publication for the summer. — continue however
to keep me before the public — “out o' sight out
o' mind” I hear of nothing in the literary world