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xxx                                         DARJEELING CIRCLE.

33.    I should be also glad of authority to make a small money present to one or two of
the most deserving vaccinators ; such a premium would be a valuable incentive to exertion.
As a body I cannot complain of the vaccinators, but some are much more zealous and painstak-
ing than the others, and as the Superintendent has power-to punish, it would in my opinion
be advantageous, if he were also at liberty to reward in exceptional cases of industry and
good behaviour.

34.     I may now proceed to a review of the season's operations in each district; the
lymph used was entirely of my own collecting. No English lymph was sent me this year,
but I did not feel the want of it, as there are no signs of deterioration in the vaccine propa-
gated from that furnished me by Dr. Charles towards the end of 1866.

35.     Darjeeling, Terai, and Western Dooars.—The vaccinators were supplied by me with
lymph at the end of October. I inspected the work at Phansedwah in the Terai on the 25th
November; the vaccinator had established a good vesicle, but he was working slowly from
feeble health. As he had been sometime in the Government service, I did not wish to dismiss
him on this account, especially as he had retained a man who understood the work to assist
him, but he had in a month or two to give up, and he ultimately- died. His substitute con-
tinued to work until the end of the season.

36.     The vaccinator at Julpigoree I found working with a doubtful vesicle, and I had
to condemn the greater part of his November work. This happened in the absence of the
Deputy Superintendent, who had not returned from leave, until a few days before my inspec-
tion. The people in this part of the country now look for vaccination quite eagerly. The
vaccinator was easily supplied with genuine lymph from his neighbour at Mynagoree ; and
his work for the rest of the season was satisfactory.

37.    Tarrachund, the vaccinator at Mynagoree, originally an inoculator, gave great satis-
faction in the previous season. Colonel Rowlatt, the then Deputy Commissioner, told me that
he has observed his work with great satisfaction. During the season under report, he has been
equally successful. He had made 200 vaccinations up to the 3rd December, the date
of my visit, and I was much pleased with his cases. As the season advanced, his operations
extended far from Mynagoree, and in the months of January and February he met with
surprising success among the Mechis, who have great faith in vaccination.

38.     Lymph was sent to the Nepaleese vaccinator at Buxa, but he reported that, as last
season, he could do nothing. The place being remote and scantily populated, the vaccinator
was removed, and a little later in the season a man was placed at Falacutta who met with
tolerable success. In case of emergency, this vaccinator could be easily sent to Buxa.

39.    The vaccinator of Boda had, by mistake, gone to Rungpore, and had not joined
when I was in that part of the country ; he afterwards arrived, and his operations were
favorably reported upon by the Deputy Superintendent. Like most of the 'other vaccinators,
this man's operations have now been extended widely round his head quarters, and I propose
transferring him next season to Titalyah.

40.     Rungpore.—I inspected the work of all the vaccinators in this district in the month
of December. Their stations were Thannahs Nisbutgunge, Mygunge, Oleypoor, Peergunge,
and Bowaneegunge (Kallygunge). This large district is quite underhanded, and the greater
portion of it has never been visited by a vaccinator, but, for any thing like complete vaccina-
tion throughout my circle, the present establishment should be quadrupled. The native
superintendent is a careful and diligent man, though he, as well as the other two officers of
his grade, suffered much from ill-health during the season.

41.     The vaccinator at Mygunge I found working with a genuine vesicle, but before my
arrival, there were more doubtful cases than there should have been ; he was a very intelligent
man, but he resigned his appointment, as I could not grant him leave asked for, on the plea
of sickness in his family, shortly after my departure from the district; a very efficient successor
was trained and put in his place by the native superintendent.

42.     The vaccinator at Nisbutgunge, a new man, was working with doubtful lymph also,
shortly before I came, but this had been discovered and remedied by the native superintendent.

43.     At Oleypoor I found the same vaccinator as last year. I saw a fair number of cases,
but the man was not as careful with his records, as he might have been.

44.     I next visited Bowaneegunge ; the vaccinator here had been very successful during
November, and I saw and was pleased with a number of cases carefully registered; but, at the
time of my visit, the people were suffering from visitation of cholera, and his operations were
in consequence limited.

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