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xvi                              CALCUTTA AND THE SUBURBS.

Head vaccinators.

14. Six of the nine men of this higher grade have given me great satisfaction. The other
three who had not been so carefully trained and
directed while under the superintendence of Baboo
Sreenath Mookerjee, have had to be rather sharply dealt with for faults which they could
easily have guarded against; but since they have been working under other superintendence,
they have already begun to perform their duties more satisfactorily. Two of the head vac-
cinators under Baboo Jadub Chunder Ghose are old inoculators.


15. In consequence of death, resignation, and discharge for misconduct, 14 new vaccina-
tors have been entertained since the 1st May 1868.
All such changes are to be deplored, as the work
of a young vaccinator falls far short, both in quantity and quality, of that which can be pro-
cured from old and trained hands. These changes tell more on a young establishment; and
considering that the whole of the vaccinators have been recently entertained, every single
change is felt as a disadvantage.

One cause of discharge has been the interference of the vaccinators with the women
among whom they were working. Such a crime in a vaccinator must be met with summary
dismissal from the service ; as, independently of all other considerations, any distrust of the
vaccinators on this score would make any population hostile to vaccination. It can easily be
understood that on the small salaries available, only uneducated men can be induced to accept
employment as vaccinators. Some of the men cannot write at all, while others write so badly
that they cannot be allowed to keep up the registers. Arrangements have been made with the
view of improving the education of those who stand most in want of it, and during the hot
season classes have been formed which it is expected will so far improve the deficiency as to
enable several of the vaccinators who cannot now do so to be of assistance in keeping up de-
partmental records. An attempt has also been made to induce the vaccinators to avail them-
selves of the Savings Bank with the view of obtaining a hold of the men by raising their self-
respect. At present, with a small salary and hard work, it is difficult to influence the men, as
on slight provocation they show a tendency to seek for other employment in which the work will
be lighter. With a nucleus for their savings once established, it is hoped that ultimately they
may accumulate such little sums as to furnish them with incentives to remain in an employ-
ment in which such collections have been proved possible.

As mentioned in the third Special Report on Vaccination, during the hot months the pay
of the vaccinators was reduced with the view of having a fund from which to reward those of
the vaccinators who showed special diligence during the vaccinating season. So far the
experiment was a success that its effect in stimulating the vaccinators to increased exertion
was decided. The measure, however, gave rise to such a great amount of dissatisfaction that
I should be most unwilling to put it again into operation. It proved not only extremely
distasteful to the vaccinators, but each of the Superintendents was strongly opposed to it. On
these grounds, I feel it incumbent on me to relinquish this mode of paying for a greater
amount of efficiency, and to resort to the other alternative which had previously been intro-
duced among the establishment working in the town and suburbs—of dividing the vaccinators
into grades. The least efficient of the establishment have been classed in the third grade,
and placed on a salary of Rs. 8 a month ; the most active and useful vaccinators being placed
in the first grade with salaries of Rs. 12, the addition of Rs. 2 a month given them being
provided for by the corresponding decrease in a similar number classed in the third grade.

This classification has been found to work well in the town and suburbs, and will, it is
believed, conduce to increased efficiency.

Extra vaccinators.

16. In the second Special Report on the Presidency Vaccine Establishment, application
was made for twenty-seven extra vaccinators as part
of the establishment for the new metropolitan
circles. These men were to be entertained year by year for service during the vaccinating
season only. In sanctioning the scheme which was then brought forward, no provision has
been made for this grade, and no reason has been adduced for having left this blank in the
establishment The attention of Government to this point is solicited, and sanction for the
entertainment of twenty-seven extra vaccinators on the 1st of October every year asked for. It
is not intended to entertain the whole of this establishment at one time. As a rule, a smaller
number will be engaged early in the season, and the sum so saved will be expended in securing
the services of a greater number of men as the season advances and greater calls exist for the
services of vaccinators. At the end of each season should any of the money granted for the
employment of the extra vaccinators remain unexpended, it will be paid back into the
Government Treasury.

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