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                                              REPORT.                                          vii

This circle, instituted in July 1866 as an experimental measure, may cer-
tainly be now stated to be a success. As years go on, the benefits of vaccin-
ation will become better known in districts where it is still looked upon with
distrust. A reference to the last year's report shows, that for the year 1866-67,
12,125 operations were performed, with successful result in 82 per cent. In
1867-68 the number was 25,438, and successful percentage 89. The numbers
during the year ending 31st March 1869 shows the great increase that has
taken place.

8.    It would certainly be an object not to pursue vaccination during the
two most rainy months in the year, and the plan proposed by Dr. Matthew in
his 5th paragraph should be adopted for the future.

It is satisfactory to notice that in nearly every part of the circle, the feel-
ings of the people in regard to vaccination are becoming more enlightened.

9.    By this Office Circular of 28th May, Civil Surgeons are instructed to
send a report to the Superintendent of Vaccination of the Circle whenever
small-pox breaks out.

10.    The value of arm to arm vaccinations is evidently becoming more
appreciated, and as operators get more expert and villagers more willing, a
larger percentage of successful cases will be obtained.

11.    In his 32nd paragraph, he desires an increment of pay to one of his
Native Superintendents. These officials receive Rs. 20 a month in the working
season and Rs. 16 a month at other times. In the next paragraph, he suggests
power to give gratuities to vaccinators who have distinguished themselves by
assiduity. I quite concur in his view and should be glad if some reward could
be accorded to his men.

12.    Dr. Matthew's remark on his circle being so short handed as to
require four times the number of men already employed (30) will be alluded to
further on.

13.    Assistant Surgeon Hoskins, Superintendent of the Ranchee Circle,
submits his second annual report.

It shows a total of 7,904 cases vaccinated, with a successful ratio per cent.
of 58.42; last year the figures were 6,447, with successful ratio of 75.7.

14.    The year's operations seem to have been accomplished with difficulty,
owing to the heat of the weather and the ill health of the Superintendent, the
troubles he experienced with his vaccinators, and the unwillingness, often
amounting to resistance, of the villagers to accept the operation.

The way has now been paved in this circle for future operations, which
under new superintendence and a more efficient staff of vaccinators, will, it is to

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