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65. Wardha. Vaccination was carried on throughout the non-working
season. The English lymph proved good.

The Native Superintendent was on tour for 121 days and inspected 9,110
vaccinated children; he is favourably reported of.

The Civil Surgeon took charge of his duties on the 4th December, but did
not get into camp till February: he was altogether 28 days in camp (a case of
serious illness and having to attend the Sessions Court necessitated his return
sooner than he intended) and inspected 2,011 vaccinated children in 115 villa-
ges. The number of operations was 1,079 less than in the previous year.

The decrease is said to be due to the more abundant crops of Jowari and
cotton having drawn away a larger number of people than usual from their

The Civil Surgeon says that in small villages there is little difficulty in
getting all the children born during the year vaccinated, but that it is not so
in large villages and towns in which there is much passive opposition, especially
among the Brahmins, Marwaries, and Bunniahs.

                       DISPENSARY VACCINATION.

Both the number of operations and the percentage of success are lower than
they were last year. The Hospital Assistants were, with the exception of the one
at Deoli, directed to vaccinate only within the town limits, and all of them
except the one at Sindi state that they have great difficulty in inducing the
parents to have their children vaccinated.


The disease prevailed in nearly every police circle, the total cases being 415
and the deaths 70.

66. Chanda. The lymph became inactive in July so that there was not
any vaccination done in August and September. The English lymph received
early in October yielded successful results and from the children operated on
with it a supply was raised sufficient to allow of the Vaccinators going in
November to their circles with a good supply.

The Civil Surgeon reports unfavourably of the work: there being only
1 Vaccinator whom he reports well of.

The total number of persons vaccinated is 675 less than it was in the
previous season.

The attitude of the people is reported to be one of indifference: the old
hostility is said to have died out.

The Civil Surgeon was on tour 6 weeks and inspected the work of 6 of the
10 Vaccinators.

                      DISPENSARY VACCINATION.

Hospital Assistants vaccinated 158 fewer persons than in the previous
season. The reason being that those in charge of the Chanda and Warora
dispensaries were exempted from this duty.

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