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The deaths from small-pox were chiefly in the parts of the district border-
ing on Rewah. The Civil Surgeon considers that the present staff is not suff-
cient to admit of the whole district being worked over in one year.

62. Balaghat.—The lymph became inactive in the rains, and vaccination
was stopped till a supply was received from Nagpur. The English lymph
proved successful and furnished the supply from which the work in the vaccin-
ating season was carried on. The number of operations by vaccinators is 766
less than that of the previous year, but still more than that of 1883-84 by 3,977.

The decrease occurred in 3 circles and was due to the Vaccinators not
working satisfactorily in two and to the death of 2 men one after the other in
the third circle.

The Civil Surgeon was in camp 59 days and inspected 5,135 vaccinated
persons. The Native Superintendent was 104 days in camp and saw 5,992
persons, but a large number of these were the same as those seen by the Civil
Surgeon whom he accompanied; he was prevented by illness from being longer
on tour.

The percentage of success is:

By Vaccinators


„ Native Superintendent


„ Civil Surgeon


The difference between the percentage returned by Vaccinators and by the
Native Superintendent and Civil Surgeon is said to be due to cases which
remained " unknown" at the time the Vaccinators recorded the results, having
been found successful by the Native Superintendent and Civil Surgeon at their
inspections, and the high ratio of success is due to the practice of repeating the
operation in cases in which it had already failed, without a fresh entry of the
person's name. The Civil Surgeon did not find any case of falsification and
thinks the figures shown in the returns are as true as it is possible to render

It is calculated that 6,000 children under 1 year old remained unprotected
at the end of the season.

The number of re-vaccination operations is slightly in excess of what it
was in the previous year. The percentage of success was 59.10. The people
are favourably disposed to Vaccination.

                        DISPENSARY VACCINATION.

The Hospital Assistant at Burha now vaccinates only in the town, he
performed 179 primary and 10 re-vaccination operations, being an increase on
the previous year's work.

The Hospital Assistant at Wara-seoni performed 260 primary operations;
his work also is confined to the town. The work of both is reported good.

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