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Only 24 cases (with 10 deaths) were reported during the year; but the
Civil Surgeon thinks that the reports are not much to be relied on.

60. Seoni.—The supply of lymph was kept up throughout the year and
the English lymph proved successful.

The total number of cases fell from 17,489 to 12,511: this great falling
off being attributed by the Civil Surgeon to the great sickness and mortality
that prevailed in the district. The Municipality entertained a Vaccinator for
the work in the town of Seoni, relieving the Hospital Assistant of this work.

The percentage of success is:

By Vaccinators


„ Native Superintendent


„ Civil Surgeon


The Civil Surgeon visited 368 villages and inspected 2,617 vaccinated
persons; the Native Superintendent visited 825 villages and inspected 7,700
vaccinated persons.

There were only 8 re-vaccinations: the small number as compared with
that of the previous year being due to proper recording of operations. The
Native Superintendent is well reported of.

The Vaccinators met with very little opposition. The Hospital Assistant
at Lakhnadon vaccinated 68 persons.

61. Mandla.—Vaccination was not carried on from July to October owing
to the Vaccinators being employed on cholera duty. The English lymph proved
good and from it vaccination was commenced in October.

The number of operations performed by Vaccinators is 1,779 less than that
of last year, the decrease being ascribed by the Civil Surgeon to nearly all the
adult population having been vaccinated and only children left.

There were 1,772 cases of re-vaccination with a successful ratio of 96.8.

The ratio of successful results of all the operations is:

By Vaccinators


„ Native Superintendent


„ Civil Surgeon


The Civil Surgeon was on tour 30 days, visited 304 villages and inspected
6,087 vaccinated persons.

The Native Superintendent was 133 days on tour, visited 504 villages and
saw 11,046 vaccinated persons: he is well reported of.

                      DISPENSARY VACCINATION.

The Hospital Assistant in charge of the Main dispensary was directed to
vaccinate only within Municipal limits. He and the Hospital Assistant at
Dindori who vaccinated in villages beyond the circle performed 413 operations,
being a considerable increase on last year's number.

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