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Oomraotee head-quarters.

The Civil Surgeon, Oomraotee, was Superin-
tendent of the Jail in addition to his other duties
till the middle of February, and for this reason, he says, was unable to examine
much of the Vaccinator's work. He, however, frequently accompanied him to
Oomraotee and to the hamlets which surround that city ; verified some of his
work—but does not know how many cases—and is well pleased with the
Vaccinator. The district Superintendent verified 80 of his cases.

Woon head-quarters.

The Civil Surgeon, Woon, examined 117 cases
before he fell ill: while Mr. Apothecary Pitts was
Officiating he did not examine any cases performed by the head-quarter's
Vaccinator, as most of the time work was in abeyance owing to the Vaccinator
being indisposed.

Buldanah head-quarters.

The Civil Surgeon, Buldana, has verified 313
cases, and complains of the Patails of villages not
giving the Vaccinator as much assistance as is needful.

Basim head-quarters.

The Civil Surgeon, Basim, has examined 192
of the children operated on by head quarter's
Vaccinator, and is satisfied with the work done.

Akolah head-quarters.

And the Civil Surgeon, Akola, Dr. Porter,
visited a number of villages, and examined a good
deal of work.

                                          CHAPTER II.


Statement No. I.

13. Statement No. I exhibits the number
of Superintendents and Vaccinators in each dis-
trict; the number of persons vaccinated, as compared with the previous year, by
each Vaccinator; the names of the circles they are posted to as well, and the
results of vaccination during the year under report.

Number of persons vaccinated, as
compared with the previous year.

14. The total number of persons vaccinated
and the results of the operations, so far as are
known, as compared with the previous year, are shown in the following form:—


Successful, including

Unsuccessful, includiug


1873-74 ...

29,932 ...



1872-73 ...

33,734 ...



Falling-off of operations explained.

15. A reference to the figures in this state-
ment shows: (1)that fewer people are vaccinated ;
(2) that the " unsuccessful cases" are more numerous, and (3) that the " un-
known" are less than in the previous year.

There were fewer people vaccinated in the season under report than in its
predecessor as : (1) the fearful epidemic of small pox which has been for some
years prevalent in the province only reached its height in the previous June,

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