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circle 730 children were vaccinated, of these the Medical Officer verified 207 suc-
cessful and 41 unsuccessful cases. And in the Ellichpur circle 480, of which the
Civil Surgeon writes:—" The only cases I have verified have been some of those
" vaccinated in Ellichpur. No record is kept of their number. I have seen none
" of the district cases."

The above, when compared with the supervision exercised in the previous year
by the Civil Surgeons over the work of the vaccinators attached to the head-quarters'
circles, shows that some improvement has been effected, but I cannot help thinking
that the vaccinators attached to the larger head-quarters' circles might do more
work, and the whole of that performed by them might easily be verified by the
Civil Surgeons.

                                    CHAPTER II.


Statement No. I.

13. Statement No. I. exhibits the population
and area of each district, as well as full particulars
of the work done by vaccinators in each circle, and the number vaccinated in the
previous year circle by circle.

Number of individuals vaccinated as
compared with previous year.

14. The total number of children vaccinated, ex-
clusive of 1,147 re-vaccinations, is 43,006, as against
34,105 in the previous year. The results in the two years are:—


Successful, including



Per cent. of success.

1872-73 ...





1871-72 ...





Cases verified by Superintendents.

15. Of the 33,734 successful cases, 10,985
have been verified. I hope a greater proportion will
be next year. This year 4 of the Superintendents sre new to the work, and two
have been ill for a portion of the year; besides these men experience great difficul-
ties in getting the children together to examine, as during a great part of the season
the inhabitants—being mostly agriculturists—are in their fields at work, and their
children generally accompany them.

Area and population of districts and
operations performed in each.

16. The area and population of each district, as
well as the number of operations performed in each

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