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                              CHAPTER I.


Principles on which vaccination is car
ried on detailed in Report for 1871-72.

The principles on which the Vaccination Depart-
ment in Berar is worked are fully set forth in last
year's report.

Measures already reported, not re-pro-
duced here.

2. It is needless to reproduce here the means
adopted to improve the scholastic attainments of the
vaccinators during last recess, or to record the measures taken to prove the effi-
ciency of the candidates who gained admittance into the department to make the
number of vaccinators up to the full sanctioned complement, as these have already
been reported to the Resident in my letter No. 3015, dated 22nd October 1872, and
he has been pleased to accord his satisfaction to the steps taken.

Tuition to be again carried on this year
at Akolah.

3. I propose this year also to have the establish-
ment at Akolah in July, where its members will be
placed under tuition, in the hope that in a few years I will have a staff of vaccina-
tors who are not only up to their work as vaccinators but who are possessed of a
tolerably fair education. They may then be expected to be better able to explain
to the people of Berar the benefits of vaccination, and to have more influence
among them for good.

Means of check already reported. More
European supervision required.

4. I have also in my letter No. 1489, dated
12th June 1872, explained the means taken to check
the correctness of the returns submitted by the vaccinators. These measures of
check have been brought more into force in the year under report than they were
in its predecessor, and it is to be hoped that next year the supervision of the
native Superintendents will be of a more scrutinizing character than it was this
year. While on this subject I must, however, record as my opinion, based on some
experience now, that there is not enough of European supervision in which alone we
can place positive assurance. It can scarcely be expected that, with so many
departments to direct and supervise, I can bestow as much time and attention on
vaccination as the importance of the subject demands.

A vaccinator suspected of fudging, and
found out. Punishment awarded.

5. When last year's work was undergoing ex-
amination, I had reason to suspect that one of the
vaccinators had fudged his return, but the Superintendent so solemnly assured me
that he had personally examined nearly all the work of the vaccinator that I was
compelled at the time to let the figures pass as correct. My doubts were not,
however, removed, and on enquiry I found they were correct. The Superintendent
has not since made his appearance, and the vaccinator has been dismissed.

Means taken to find out falsification of
returns, results of.

6. With a view to finding out whether any
other vaccinators had deceived me, I this year chang-
ed the circles of a good many in the hope that the men now posted to them would
tell of their predecessor's misdeeds, if there were any to report; but from only 3
places were any reported, and the wrong entries made were so few that I have
considered a fine in each case to be sufficient punishment.

Cases of falsification in this year's work
found out.

7. This year with more Superintendents than
I had last year, the work of the vaccinators has been

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