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                          BOMBAY PRESIDENCY.                                                 33

class, one 2nd class, and two 3rd class. Vaccination in most cases requires to be
inspected twice annually, and I trust steps will be taken to provide at least an
additional 2nd class inspector for Dhárwár and Kánara.

"The Dhárwár District Board have sanctioned two new 2nd grade vaccinators
and one candidate vaccinator and increased the pay of the present candidate vac-
cinator to Rs. 10 per mensem and the number of vaccinators for the collectorate
is now sufficient.

" The District Local Boards of Bijápur, Kánara and Belgaum were asked to
bring up the vaccination establishment of their districts to a proper strength and
the question is still under correspondence.

" The pay of municipal vaccinators when holding additional charge of táluka
villages surrounding municipal towns should be never less than Rs. 24 per men-
sem. The contribution from municipal and local funds should be arranged
according to the work performed.

"Acting on the principles of the Local Government Board, England, in giving
rewards to public vaccinators, I in 1884 recommended that similar rewards
should be given in this Circle. In two collectorates they were sanctioned from
local funds and yearly two prizes of Rs. 15 and Rs. 10 are given to the most
deserving vaccinators in each collectorate. I generally take the recommendation
of the inspectors in distributing the prizes and I consider there is no reason to
suppose but that the best men get them.

" Re-vaccination work remains backward throughout the district. Although
great efforts were made during the year and many letters were sent out from this
office on the subject, only an increase of 13,765 operations were performed over
last year. The people object to re-vaccination. I have tried to get the vaccinators
to push forward the work in the schools but have not been very successful. It
should be made a rule that all school children of 10 years of age should be
re-vaccinated and that all school children bearing bad and imperfect marks of
their primary vaccination should be re-vaccinated whenever the vaccinator attends
the school. The vaccinator should be obliged to attend all the schools within
his charge at least once annually. At present one of the chief reasons why
re-vaccination is not performed in the schools is the fear of the school-master
that the parents will forbid their children attending the school if re-vaccination is
attempted. Frequently also there is friction between the school-master and
vaccinator who each considers himself superior in position to the other.

" Vaccination is carried out in 7 towns of Native States by the dispensary
medical officers. The amount of work was insufficient and re-vaccination work
practically neglected. Efforts will be made to improve the work, but it would
be better if professional vaccinators were appointed and the medical officers
relieved. In the large town of Sháhápur this procedure was suggested, but the
Sángli State were unwilling to change. Practically much of the work is left to
the compounders.

" The districts in charge of the Deputy Sanitary Commissioner are too large
and cannot be properly supervised. The Kolhápur Native State and the large
number of States comprised under the Southern Marátha States, together with
the independent States of Jath, Daphlápur and Savanúr, should be placed under a
separate Deputy Sanitary Commissioner. The officer might be appointed from
the Bombay Medical Establishment or obtained direct from England; if the latter,
he should possess a certificate or diploma in Public Health. In addition to the
vaccination of these States the inspection of the dispensaries and sanitation
should be placed under his charge.

" All the vaccinators have been supplied with maps of their tálukas with the
exception of the Sirsi and Mundgod vaccinators of Kánara. The maps of these
tálukas have not been as yet published, but as the survey has been completed, they
will shortly be supplied.

" In the monthly vaccination returns the number of insertions and resulting
vesicles are given by the vaccinators, but in their annual reports no percentage of
the results is given. The " percentage insertion success rate " should, I consider,
be furnished annually by each vaccinator. Similarly for annual vaccination

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