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(1) From J. Woodburn -

                        No. 4544 of 1872.


                        J. WOODBURN, ESQUIRE, C. S.,

                              OFFG. SECY. TO THE CHIEF COMMISSIONER, OUDH,

                        SURGEON G. S. SUTHERLAND, M. D.,

                              SUPERINTENDENT OF VACCINATION, OUDH.
                                                      Dated Lucknow, the 19th October, 1872.



I am directed to acknowledge the receipt of the Report on Vaccin-
ation in Oudh, for the year 1871-72, and to communicate the following

remarks :—

Para. 10.

2. The proposal to station Native Vaccinators at Tahsils instead of
attaching them to the camps of the District Officers, may be arranged
for during the approaching cold weather.

Paras. 11-14.

3. The personal interest taken in the promotion of the prophy-
lactic by the Deputy Commissioners of Rái Barelí, Sítápur and Bára
Banki, is creditable to those Officers.

Paras. 26 and 35.

4.     The number of persons vaccinated during the year under
review (37,663), is more than double that of the preceding year. This
result is satisfactory, as also the percentage of successful cases 73.69.

5.     That the cost of the successful cases was less by nearly half
than that of the preceding year, is very satisfactory.

6.    The acknowledgement of the Officiating Chief Commissioner
will be conveyed to the gentlemen who afforded support and countenance
to the Vaccinators.

                                                            I have the honor to be,
                                                            Your most obedient servant,
                                                                  J. WOODBURN,
                                                                        Offg. Secy. to the Chief Commissioner, Oudh.,

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