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Babu Durga Charan Sarkar, the Reference Clerk of the
hospital, voluntarily offered to operate the Cinema machine.
He was trained by the Company's Mechanic and now works the
machine like a competent Cinema Operator. He is helped by
an attendant who has also some training in working Cinema

Band.—The Hospital Band which was organized in 1928
continues to maintain progress under the conductorship of Naik
Charan, one of the Hospital Attendants. The Band now
numbers 12 performers, all members of the staff. The Band
provides the patients with a pleasant form of entertainment and
keeps the place cheery. During the period under report
a few musical instruments were purchased for the Band.

Dietetics.—As in former years great attention was paid to
the diet of the patients. A well-balanced nourishing diet largely
helps the recovery rate. All patients are weighed once a month
and those who steadily lose weight are segregated in the
Infirmary with a view to ascertaining the cause and are fed on
special diet until they regain their original weight. The weight
charts of patients showed a general rise.

Feasts.—During the period under report several special
feasts were given to the patients on festive occasions such as the
pujas, Holi, Christmas, Id, etc.

Religion.—Due respect is paid to the religious sentiments
of the patients and arrangements are always made for
the due observance of their respective religious festivals.
They are allowed to go out on these days to attend prayers, pujas,
, etc. The Muhammadan patients regularly attend the
Juma prayers under the Maulavi who is one of the Jamadars of
this hospital.

The Hindus often attend the Kirtans whenever a Pandit
calls at Kanke and the Christian patients attend the Divine
services under the Roman Catholic and Anglican Chaplains.

My best thanks are due to the following gentlemen for
holding Divine services for the benefit of my patients through-
out the triennium under report :—

1.   Rev. Father G. Martin, S. J.

2.  Rev. A. C. Chatterji.

3.  Maulavi Abdul Rahim.

Picnics.—Picnics are a notable feature of amusement for the
patients and provide a change in surroundings which is much
appreciated by the patients.

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