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on Sulphur Therapy in the " Lancet " and the " Indian Medical
"we have received many letters from private practitioners
in India making enquiries about this therapy with a view to try
on their cases. Recently we experimented with sulphur injection
in three cases suffering from the following skin diseases : —

(1)   Impetigo;
(2)   Eczema,

and the above diseases entirely disappeared. We are now ex-
perimenting with this drug in other skin diseases and the results
of our experiments will be fully stated in our next report as
this is still under trial.

(h) Snake venene.—As fully stated in my last report (1931)
we tried detoxicated venene from South Africa on 2 Epileptic
cases. The results were thoroughly disappointing.

(i) Bacteriophage.—It proved very efficacious in two
cases of Bacillary Dysentery.

                              II. ORGANOTHERAPY.

Many patients were tried with different kinds of Glandular
Therapy during the period under report but with few exceptions
the results were not encouraging.

(i) Liver Therapy.—Anaemic patients were fed throughout
the period under report on the whole Liver Therapy with very grati
fying result. Raw liver from ½ lb. to 1 lb. per day was prescribed
per patient over a period of 3 to 6 months. The minced raw
liver is generally mixed with cooked food such as curries and is
relished and digested by the patients.

Similarly, injections of Colloidal Calcium with Ostelin—D
were also found to be very useful in treatment of anaemic condi-
tions specially in women.

                        III. PHYSIOTHERAPY.

Strictest attention is paid in this hospital to correct all
physical defects before an attempt is made to explore the
psychological defects. On admission of a patient all physical
avenues which are belived to contribute small or large shares in
the causation of mental diseases are thoroughly explored. The
following number of specimens were examined by the hospital
laboratory during the triennium under report :—




Blood ...




Urine ...




Stool ...




Sputum ...




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