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The above table speaks for itself and needs no explanation.
More than 50 per cent of the criminal population are murderers ;
some of whom have more than one murder to their credit. It is
a very grave responsibility thrown upon the administration of
this institution to house and guard these acute homicidal insanes
with limited staff. This difficulty has been realised by the
Government and the extension of the present Refractory Block
as included in the scheme of expansion of this hospital has
been administratively approved by Government.

17. Statement no. III.—Shows the religion, sex and residence
of the patients admitted into the hospital during the period
under report and is self-explanatory.

18.  Statement no. IV.—Shows the previous occupation of
patients admitted during the triennium under review.

19. Statement no. V.—Shows the ages of patients admitted
into this hospital during the period under report. It will appear
from the statement given below that the largest number of
patients admitted every year is between the ages of 20 and 40.
The ages between 40 and 60 claim the next best place in order
of frequency :—





Under 20 ... ... ... ...




Between 20 and 40 ... ... ...




Between 40 and 60 ... ... ...




Upwards 60 ... ... ... ...




20. Statement no VI—Shows the types of insanity of the
patients admitted into the hospital.

The following were the principal forms of mental diseases
in patients treated in the hospital throughout the triennium
under report:—

1.  Manic depressive psychosis.
2.  Schizophrenia (dementia praecox).
3.  Confusional insanity.
4.  Toxic insanity (chiefly ganja and alcohol).
5.  Mental defective.
6.  Epileptic insanity.
7.  Senile psychosis.
8.  Secondary dementia.
9.  Psycho-Neuroses (anxiety states and hysterias.)
10. Encephalitis lethargica (apache types).

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