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insanity is less prevalent in India than in the West. But it is
not improbable that the figures given in the Indian Census
return do not include all the half-witted or feeble-minded
that would be included in the census for England and Wales.
Otherwise one might infer from these comparative figures that
the majority of the population is not yet subjected to the strain
of living which is extant in the West, and that if a large number
of feeble-minded have not been included in the Census figures,
that these feeble-minded are perhaps the result of hereditary
defects rather than any acceleration in the tempo of living.

17.  How far consanguinity in marriages is responsible for
the village idiot or half wit is a matter which has never been
made the subject for investigation, but that village life in India
lends itself to such marriages, may be accepted as a probability.

18.  Until the actual conditions prevailing in India of mental
deficiency are made known by an authoritative official enquiry,
it is premature to suggest any measures for its prevention, either
by segregation, sterilisation or imposing restrictions on the
relatives or guardians of such cases.

19.  Major J. E. Dhunjibhoy, I.M.S., continues to administer
the institution with the self-confidence and acumen which
characterises this officer.

                                          I have the honour to be,
                                        Your most obedient servant,

                                          L. COOK, COL., I.M.S.,

                                Inspector-General of Civil Hospitals,
                                                Bihar and Orissa.

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