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5. The average number of criminal insanes in this institution
for the years 1930, 1931 and 1932 were respectively 484, 467 and
468, and during these three years the average number of criminals
certified as insane to be detained in the jails of the two
provinces was—




Bengal ... ... ...




Bihar and Orissa...




Even if some of these were admitted into the mental hospital
subsequently or some disposed of otherwise, one must conclude
that the administration has accomplished a difficult task with
a minimum of expenditure and a commendable modicum of

6.  To what extent this degree of efficiency is maintained
can only be assessed on the number of recurrences amongst
criminals with a mental defect. The pitfalls in trying to collate
these figures will be evident if one endeavours to include all
habitual ' B ' class prisoners as suffering from a mental kink,
viz., anti-social tendencies. But even if all such cases were
brought within the purview of this classification, the aggregate
compared to the total population is not such an one as to call
for any drastic change in the administrative methods or to bring
down upon us the condemnation of that critical body of
Cosmopolitan Evangelists known as the League of Nations.

7.   One must admit that in India the law is concerned with
the offence, and hardly at all with the individual, and in this
respect the policy in other countries is very much the same.
There are schools, Borstal institutions and prisons in which the
most appropriate methods of treating delinquency are followed
but no one can benefit unless he wishes to be cured. The
psychologist's problem therefore is to suggest some treatment
whereby an effective wish to be cured of anti-social tendencies
might be instilled—a very difficult problem.

8.   On the other hand the admissions into this institution
of non-criminal insanes for the two provinces has been limited
to 69, 80, 85 for the years 1930, 1931 and 1932 respectively.

9.  When one realises that the combined population of the
provinces of Bihar and Orissa and Bengal is about 93,000,000
and that such a small percentage of this enormous population are
taken from their surroundings and placed in one solitary mental
hospital for treatment, it is a matter for consideration whether

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