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                ANNUAL REPORT
                        ON THE
        Working of the Ranchi Indian
        Mental Hospital, Kanke, in
        Bihar and Orissa for the year

1.  Administration.—I held charge of the hospital through-
out the year under review.

2.  Provinces served.—During the period under report this
hospital received patients from the provinces of Bengal and
Bihar and Orissa.

3.  Accommodation.—The accommodation of the hospital
remained the same as in the previous years, viz., 1,014 for males
272 for females, total 1,286, which is apportioned in the propor-
tion of three-fourths and one-fourth to Bengal and Bihar and
Orissa, respectively.

The male section of the hospital remained overcrowded
throughout the year under report and there was a great demand
on the 50 emergency beds sanctioned by Government in 1929
with a view to lessen congestion. As in the former years care-
fully selected cases were only admitted to these emergency beds
and harmless and easily manageable cases were refused admission
on account of congestion. Owing to financial stringency none of
the additional buildings included in the scheme of expansion of
this hospital which has been administratively approved by
Government could be taken up during the year under report.

4.   Patients.—The following table shows the number of
patients resident in the hospital on the 1st January 1931 and
two previous years :—





1931 ... ...




1930 ... ...




1929 ... ...




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