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The medical and nursing staff of this hospital were also
allowed to attend these lectures and demonstrations.

36. Certification.—During the year under review in 19 cases
papers were found to be defective on admission and the defects
were subsequently rectified by writing to the Committing
Magistrates concerned. Cases in which the gravest irregularities
were committed were brought to the notice of the local
Government. I regret to say that still little attention is paid
by most of the Committing Magistrates in complying with the
provision of the Indian Lunacy Act in making Reception Orders
for the admission of patients, as a result of which a great deal
of inconvenience is caused, specially to this office, for entering
into enormous correspondence.

The descriptive rolls of the patients are very carelessly
filled up and they practically contain no useful information for
which they are meant.

In some cases no previous enquiry was made by the
Committing Magistrates to ascertain whether accommodation
was available or not in this hospital.

Activities of the Superintendent on leave.England.—I
spent six months in London studying mental and nervous
diseases at different hospitals. Later I visited many modern
Mental Hospitals of England.

Continent of Europe.—As I had visited several mental
hospitals and clinics during my tour in 1923, this time I visited
only a few most modern mental hospitals and clinics in Belgium,
France, Germany and Vienna.

America.—I paid two visits to America during my leave.

During my first visit an itinerary of three months' study
tour was made out for me by the National Council of Mental
Hygiene of New York and I visited Montreal and Toronto in
Canada, and in America, Chicago and its vicinity, Boston,
Worcester, Wrentham, Washington, Buffalo, Niagara Falls,
Pittsburgh, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Yale University
and New York City and State. I travelled over 3,000 miles in
the States and visited the following institutions and got a clear
insight into their administration, treatment and various other
activities peculiar to these institutions. I visited a few general
and all well-known mental hospitals, psychiatric clinics,
reception units, observation wards, mental deficiency
institutes and schools, as well as mental hygiene centres and

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