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Dr. P. C. Das shouldered the heavy responsibilities of the post
with commendable zeal, energy and ability to the entire
satisfaction of all concerned.

Dr. Das was ably and loyally assisted by all the staff during
his tenure of office.

I have very little to add about the conduct of the staff to
what it was my pleasure to record in my last annual report of
1928. However, I would like to record my deep appreciation
of the work of all staff who so ably and loyally helped me in
the administration of this large hospital during the period
under review.

31. General.—The hospital was visited by the Inspector-
General of Civil Hospitals, Bihar and Orissa, several times
during the year under report.

The following also visited the hospital :—

Commissioner, Chota Nagpur Division, Ranchi,
Members of the Managing Committee of the hospital,
Several members of the Bihar and Orissa Legislative
Colonel H. Suhrawardy, O.B.E., M.D., F.R.C.S.I., D.P.H., L.M.,
Vice-Chancellor, Calcutta University,

Besides, numerous sympathetic visitors of both sexes,
European and Indian, visited the hospital from time to time.

32.   The Committee of Visitors.— Both ladies and gentlemen
of the Board of Visitors have taken keen interest in the welfare
of the institution and have worked throughout the period
under review with unremitting zeal.

Twelve monthly meetings and one extraordinary meeting of
visitors were held during the year under report in the male
section, and 12 monthly meetings were held in the female

The proposal of increasing the number of lady visitors
from 6 to 12 is under the consideration of Government.

33.  Managing Committee.—The Committee met twice
during the year under report and advised Government on
various important propositions.

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