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(3) Searchlight.

(4) Biswamitra (vernacular).

(5)   Basumati (vernacular).

(6)   Utkal Dipika (vernacular).

(7)  Illustrated Times of India.

(8)  Bharatbarsha (monthly).

(9)   Prabasi (monthly).

(xvi) Medical Library.—The Medical Library was also
replenished by some new books and by few journals of medicines
and mental science.

The library is largely used by the medical staff as it keeps
them well informed of the rapid advancement in the field of
psychological and general medicine.

27.   Maintenance of and repairs to the buildings.—All the
buildings of the hospital have been maintained in an efficient
state of repairs. Quadrennial repairs to some of the old buildings
of the hospital were carried out during the year under review.

28.  Finance.—(a) Receipts.—The receipts from all sources
amounted to Rs. 21,668 in 1930 as compared with Rs. 20,066
in 1929 and Rs. 18,257 in 1928.

The following table shows the total amount realized from
paying patients, and also miscellaneous receipts which include
the sale-proceeds of articles manufactured by patients in the
Occupational Therapy classes, and of vegetables grown in the
garden of the hospital:—






Receipts from paying patients ...




Miscellaneous Receipts ... ...




The progressive increase in the receipt is due to the larger
amount of fees realized from paying patients.

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