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We rarely see such early cases admitted into this hospital.
We are only called upon to treat all chronic cases whose relations
and friends have kept them in their homes for years under
treatment of every one but a psychiatrist, and are only sent to us
when they become unmanageable and dangerous at home. This
is further aggravated by the present unavoidable congestion
of the hospital with the result that cases are allowed to
remain in jails or houses untreated until such time accommoda-
tion is available. In spite of all these difficulties I am happy to
be able to report that our percentage of cure to so-called " new
admission " as well as to average strength of the total population,
can proudly be looked upon as extremely reasonable and good.

I tender my best thanks to Rev. A. C. Chatterji, the Church
of England Chaplain, who was kind enough to give religious
suggestions to my above stated patient of conversion hysteria.

26. (x) Sports and Amusements.—(a) Games.—Both indoor
and outdoor games were played by quite a large number of
patients and they all seemed to take more active interest in the
matter. Several football and hockey matches were played by the
hospital team consisting of staff and patients against several
other units at Kanke and Ranchi. Several patients of both
sexes played tennis and badminton.

Indoor games such as cards, chess, dice, carrom, ludo, ping-
pong, etc., were played every evening in the Amusement Hall by
a large number of patients.

The hospital annual sport which is held every year during
Xmas was largely attended this year and many patients took part
in it and won many prizes.

(b) Musical and other entertainments.—In the absence of
a proper Amusement Hall, which is a pressing need of the
hospital, one of the dormitories of a quiet patients' block, is
utilized for the purpose. Twelve theatrical performances both
Hindi and Bengali and several musical soirees got up yb the staff
and patients were staged during the year under report, to the
great enjoyment of patients of both sexes. A few well-known
magicians entertained the patients. Besides, the patients of
both the sections were entertained by the musical entertainer on
every alternate day. Gramophones are played by the patients
every evening in different wards by turn. The radio set, which
was installed in 1929 out of special donation made for the
purpose by Raja B. D. Birla, was a source of great amusement
to patients. The concert party of the hospital which was only

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