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6.     The number of stud bulls kept by Government and local bodies
increased from 124 in the previous year to 132 in the year under report. Of
these 65 are the property of local bodies.

7.     Two new dispensaries were established during the year, thus
bringing the total number of institutions to 37, whilst it is satisfactory
to note that the establishment of more dispensaries are under contemplation.
The number of patients treated at these dispensaries was 41,074 as against
44,747 in the previous year. The decrease is reported to be due partly to a
smaller number of animals being treated at the Sodepur Pinjrapole and
partly to certain dispensaries remaining closed on account of the absence on
leave of the veterinary assistants when no substitutes were available.

8.     During the year under report the administrative control of the Civil
Veterinary Department was transferred from the Director of Agriculture
to the Principal, Bengal Veterinary College, he being the senior veterinary
officer in the province, and he was made the head of the Civil Veterinary
Department with the designation " Veterinary Adviser to the Government of
Bengal." During the year revised scales of pay were sanctioned both for the
Imperial and Provincial Veterinary Services.

9.     The work of the Deputy Superintendents, Civil Veterinary Depart-
ment, Veterinary Inspectors and the staff of the Bengal Veterinary College
was satisfactory. The Government (Ministry of Agriculture and Public
Works) have much pleasure in acknowledging the valuable services of
Colonel Smith and in recording their appreciation of the work done by
Messrs. P. J. Kerr and A. D. MacGregor.

                                                 By order of the Government of Bengal
                                                  (Ministry of Agriculture and Public Works),

                                                                              J. A. L. SWAN,

                                                      Secretary to the Government of Bengal.

                                          No. 3474.

Copy forwarded to the Veterinary Advisor to the Government of Bengal
for information.

                                                  By order of the Government of Bengal
                                                 (Ministry of Agriculture and Public Works),

                                                                    M. CHAIN-UD-DIN,

                                                                         Assistant Secretary
                                                                to the Government of Bengal.

     The 19th September 1921.

     B. S. Press—24-9-1921—1983J—612—J. L. C.

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