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viz., S. C. Gupta, accepted an appointment under the Registrar, Co-operative
Societies, Bengal. Thus, including the five vacancies shown in the last
year's report and nine new posts sanctioned, there were altogether 21 vacan-
cies to be filled up during the year. Of these 14 could be filled. Ten
with new graduates received from the College, and the remaining four were
filled up by two old graduates, viz., N. N. Sur and J. N. Roy, who had
resigned previously, but were re-employed, and by two veterinary assistants
released from Military duty.

64. Deputy Superintendent Babu S. C. Paul was unfortunately absent
on sick leave for the greater part of the year, but was fit to return to duty
at the beginning of February. For the first six months of his absence
Babu J. N. Mitter, Inspector, Glanders Department, acted as Deputy Super-
intendent. For the last three months Veterinary Inspector Maulvi M. S.
Chowdhury officiated.

Veterinary Inspector Babu N. N. Majumdar was appointed Deputy
Superintendent to fill the new post created. He commenced his duties with
headquarters at Dacca in September 1920. He shapes well as a Deputy
Superintendent, but it is too soon for any definite results to be seen. This
new post should materially improve the work in the eastern half of the
province. The number of veterinary assistants employed has increased
considerably in the last few years, and the extra supervision was much

65.     Inspectors—have worked with zeal and ability throughout the

66.     Veterinary Assistants—with very few exceptions have done well,
but they all require to show more zeal and energy in their work.

                       Part V.—Expenditure of the Department.

67.     Table XIVA shows the expenditure of the Department during
the year including that of the Bengal Veterinary College. This statement
has been prepared according to the figures furnished by the Accountant-
General, Bengal.

                              Part VI.—General Remarks.

68.     In November last the Veterinary Department was separated from
the Agricultural Department and placed under the control of Veterinary
Adviser to Government.

69.     Cattle Poisoning.—Reports on this subject have been received from
several districts in the province. In Tippera a gang of systematic cattle
poisoners was detected by a veterinary assistant and some of them were

70.     Office Establishment—The office staff had to be supplemented
by the appointment of an additional clerk owing to the steady expansion of
the department and the consequent increase of work on all sides. The
appointment of at least one more clerk is urgently necessary and sanction
for this appointment has already been asked for. The head-clerk was on
privilege leave for five months during the year and the second clerk acted
for him efficiently.

                                                                        P. J. KERR,

                                                      Civil Veterinary Department Bengal.


The 21st June 1921.

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