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38.    Proposals are on foot at Bogra to acquire a piece of land for the
extension of the veterinary hospital there.

39.     The Deputy Commissioner of Darjeeling has selected a site for
the erection of a regular veterinary dispensary with veterinary assistant's
quarters there. The question of constructing a dispensary at Kalimpong is
under the consideration of the authorities of the Darjeeling Improvement

40.    The District Board of Jalpaiguri are considering the proposal of
erecting an outdoor dispensary at Domohani with quarters for an itinerant
veterinary assistant.

41.     The District Board of Rangpur have resolved to build quarters and
office for the itinerant veterinary assistant at Sadar inside the hospital
compound, and to extend the dispensary room for the stationary assistant
there. They have also selected a site for a dispensary and quarters for the
veterinary assistant at Kurigram.

42.     It is very gratifying to note that the villagers of Dimla in Rangpur
have come forward with an offer of 3 bighas of land plus a sum of Rs. 1,000
for the construction of a veterinary dispensary with assistant's quarters
there, and the District Board have accepted the proposal and resolved to
establish a veterinary dispensary at an early date. This, I believe, is the
first instance in which raiyats and cultivators have come forward with
an offer of money and land for establishing a veterinary dispensary
at their own place for the treatment and improvement of their cattle.
If the example set by the Dimla people is followed in other parts of the
province, it will not be long before the Department is fully developed.

43. The dispensary at Noakhali has been removed to Sonapur owing to
the erosion of the river Megna.

44.     A sum of Rs. 100 has been granted by the Commissioner of the
Burdwan Division for walling up the dispensary compound at Chinsura.

A we'll attached to the Cox's Bazar dispensary has also been sanctioned
by the District Board, Chittagong.

45.     The District Board, Bakarganj, have constructed a serum cellar at
Barisal at a cost of Rs. 1,200 according to the plan sent by this office, and the
District Board, Mymensingh, have also consented to construct a similar cellar
at Mymensingh. This will remove the inconvenience and delay in the trans-
mission of serum from Belgaclua.

46.     The dispensary at Midnapore will be opened as soon as we are in a
position to post an experienced man there.

47.     The District Boards of Murshidabad, Jessore and 24-Parganas have
not yet seen their way to construct hospitals there, although the need for
such institutions is keenly felt in those places.

48.     The construction of a dispensary at Tangail is pending the selection
of a site by the local authorities. The major portion of the cost will be
borne by the six annas estate. Santosh.

49.     The Narainganj Municipality have not yet taken up the construc-
tion of a dispensary building there, which was blown down in 1919.

                             Part III.—Breeding Operations.

50.     Table VIII shows the number of stud-bulls maintained in the
province during the year. As usual, they are either the property of the local
bodies or of Government. Veterinary assistants are now keeping a record of
the services of the bulls placed under their care, and the progeny of these
bulls are reported to be good, and people are gradually appreciating the
services of these animals.

51.     Want of good breeding bulls is keenly felt throughout the province,
and some of the District Boards are taking a lively interest in the matter,
but nothing can be done until some arrangement for the supply of lulls is

52.     The proposal of the Chittagong District Board to purchase two stud-
bulls fell through as the animal selected from the Rangpur Farm died
suddenly before purchase, and the second one could not be procured from
Bolepur afterwards.

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