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attended with a good deal of success. Several of the fairs are essentially
dealers', e.g., Sonepur and Barapur, and I question whether the breeder will
ever get a look in at them or if he will be induced to go to them at all. They
are both old established and dealing is entirely the order of the day.

21.    A European obtained the silver medal for the second time running at
Sonepur for a Taylor-bred bull.

                      IV.—SUBORDINATE ESTABLISHMENT.

22.     Table VII shows the strength of the Subordinate Veterinary Staff
employed during the year. There were 21 stationary and 24 itinerant
Veterinary Assistants against 22 and 22 respectively of the previous year.

23.    The decrease in the number of the stationary Veterinary Assistants is
due to the closure of the dispensary at Noakhali for want of a Veterinary
Assistant and the increase in that of the itinerant officers is due to the appoint-
ment of two new men at Khurda and Muzaffarpur.

24.    On the whole, the Veterinary Assistants have been reported to have
done very well during the year, and I have noted two or three who are fit for
good appointments which will be offered to them as soon as opportunities occur.


25.     Table XIV (a) shows in detail the cost of the College and the
Department during the year.


26.    The work of the department continued to make steady progress during
the year. The question of the reorganization of the Veterinary establishment
in the Province is under the consideration of Government, and particular stress
has been laid on the fact that one Imperial officer is quite unable to cope with
his work singlehanded. In fact, this appears to have been recognized over four
years ago, since when the work of the department has materially increased.
Another point which has been urged as essential for the conduct of the depart-
ment is that the Superintendent should have the sole control of the distribution
and working of the subordinate establishment.

27.    I am glad to report that the cellar for storage of sera and a bacterio-
logical laboratory were at last ready by the middle of January, and the
appliances for the working of the same should be shortly received.

28.     Mr. Burke, Assistant Principal and Superintendent, during the year
conducted his duties with zeal and ability, and I am able to commend the work
of the following officers :—

Mr. E. H. Brand, Mr. D. Dey, Mr. S. N. Mitter, Lecturers, and my
two Inspectors, Mr. S. C. Paul and Mr. N. L. Mitter.

29.    I beg to be allowed to express my gratitude to the District Officers for
the kind assistance which they have invariably rendered me from the date of
my taking over charge of this office, and I am also obliged to the Inspector-
General of Civil Hospitals for the information which he kindly furnished me
with on certain points.

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