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Resolution on the Report on the Administration of the Civil Veterinary Department in
                                            Eastern Bengal and Assam.

        Extract from the proceedings of the Lieutenant-Governor of Eastern Bengal and
        Assam in the Revenue Department, No. 10204C, dated the 9th September 1907.


A report of the Superintendent, Civil Veterinary Department, Eastern Bengal and Assam, on the
administration of the Veterinary Department in the year 1906-1907, with the Director of
Agriculture's remarks thereon.


THE Veterinary Department in Eastern Bengal and Assam, while performing
much useful work during the year 1906-1907, did not progress in organisation to
the extent that was hoped for, as the sanction of the Government of India to
Sir Bampfylde Fuller's proposals was not received during the year under report.
Provisional arrangements, however, were made by the Director to cope with urgent
work, and the Lieutenant-Governor is satisfied that much has been accomplished
during the year.

One of the most promising features of the work during the year was the
readiness with which the Surma Valley Tea Association has utilized Government
Assistance in combating the ravages of rinderpest throughout the Surma Valley.
Mr. McCalderon's work in this connection appears to have been highly appreciated,
and there is reason to hope that another year's successful inoculation may cause this
disease to disappear from the majority of the gardens. Many of the Local Boards
in Assam also have come forward and availed themselves of the services of properly
qualified assistants.

During the year negotiations with the Government of Bengal have been in
progress for the regular supply of trained assistants to this province, and it has been
decided that this Government should contribute annually Rs. 27,665 towards the
up-keep of the College in return for which it will be entitled to fill one-third of
the vacancies among the students. It is hoped that this arrangement will help in
the course of the next two or three years to remedy that defect in personnel which is the
most serious bar to the progress of the Department. At present since the close of
the year 14 qualified assistants have been engaged by the Department, and improve-
ments in the stipends and scholarships of students under training have been sanction-
ed. The Lieutenant-Governor is also according his consideration to the question of
maintaining a Veterinary reserve for emergencies. Sir Lancelot Hare would observe
that the serious outbreaks of cattle-disease in the province and the heavy losses
caused to the people thereby emphasize the need for more young men to offer
themselves as recruits for this Department, the work of which is so truly beneficial
to landlord and tenant alike.

The post of Veterinary Superintendent in the province remained vacant during
the year under report, but Mr. Harris took oyer his duties shortly after the close of
the year and is already taking up the organization of the Department. His concise
report conveying, as it does, an indication of the progress made since he took over
charge is, in His Honour's opinion, an earnest of further development in the future.

ORDERED that a copy of this Resolution be published in the Government Gazette
for general information.

Ordered also that a copy of this Resolution be forwarded to the Director of
Agriculture, Eastern Bengal and Assam, for information.

                                                            By order of the Lieutenant-Governor,

                                                                    H. LEMESURIER,

                                        Offg. Chief Secretary to the Government of
                                                                            Eastern Bengal and Assam.

E. B. &A. 8. P. O. (Agri.) No. 58—500+30—14-9-1907.

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