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                                                    37                    Appendix C.—(Contd.

                    CHEMICAL EXAMINER'S FORM No. 2.




                THE CHEMICAL EXAMINER,

                            UNITED PROVINCES, AGRA.


                                      CASE No.

KING-EMPEROR versus______________, caste,_______, son of____

___________, of mauza__________, police station________, charged

under section____________, Indian Penal Code.


I have the honour to forward to you, by_________________, the
following articles :—

(i) Portions of viscera of________________________. The bottles
containing the above are numbered___________and____________.

The above bottles are enclosed in standard pattern boxes num-
bered ___________.

(2) The undermentioned articles :—

packed in a cloth covered sealed box.

The above articles were packed and sealed in my presence, the pre-
scribed medico-legal seal being used.

The railway receipt is herewith enclosed.

It is suspected that______________________.

                                                            I have the honour to be,


                                                        Your most obedient servant,

                                                                                    Veterinary Assistant.

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