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                                      SECTION XI.

                          DISPENSARY, PACHMARHI.

143. The duties of the Nagpur Veterinary Hospital and the Pach-
marhi Veterinary Dispensary staff will be generally those detailed in
Sections VII and VIII of this Manual.

144. The Veterinary Assistant, Nagpur Hospital and Lecturer, Agri-
cultural College, works under the direct supervision and control of the
Superintendent and will correspond on all veterinary matters direct with
that officer, and in his capacity of Lecturer, with the Principal, Agricultural

C. P. Sectt.
No. 457—
d. 23-11-

145. He shall lecture on Veterinary subjects to the students of the
Agricultural College at such hours and on such days of the week as may be
detailed in the College time-table or as may be ordered by the Principal.

146. He shall prepare in advance, for the Superintendent's approval,
an outline of the subjects in which he proposes to instruct the students in
each class during the session.

147. During his absence on duty as lecturer, the Hospital duties shall
be performed by the Second Veterinary Assistant, if there be one attached to
the Hospital.

148. The Veterinary Assistant shall train as Compounders those
candidates who are accepted as probationers under the rules for the
training, examination and employment of Compounders.

C. P. Sectt.
letter No.
7696, d.

149. The Veterinary Dispensary at Pachmarhi shall remain open for
only 7 months in each year, e. g., from 1st April to 31st October.

150. Except for reports and returns, which are submitted through the
District Inspector, the Veterinary Assistant, Pachmarhi, corresponds
direct with the Superintendent, Civil Veterinary Department.

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