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                                SECTION IX.


C. P. Sectt.
letter No.
C-76, d.

119. Veterinary Dispensary buildings will be constructed in accordance
with the standard plan, either departmentally or by the Public Works
Department, and their cost borne by Local Bodies.

120. Proposals for the construction of new buildings or for alteration
in, or additions to, existing buildings will be submitted to the Director
of Agriculture.

121. The advantages of a Veterinary Dispensary in a town are
largely shared by the town inhabitants, so that Municipalities may fairly
be asked to make an annual contribution for the upkeep of the Dispensary
to the District Council or District Board Funds.

122. Veterinary Assistants and Inspectors must remember that the
most important part of veterinary work is done outside the Dispensary,
especially in attending to outbreaks of infectious disease.

123. The Dispensary records will consist of the following registers:—

(1)Patients' Register (Form No. XXV—2).

(2)Serum Register (Form No. XXV—10).

(3)Register showing the details of animals inspected at slaughter-
houses (Form No. XXV—12).

(4)Cash abstract register of receipts and expenditure (Form
No. VI—14).

(5)Stock-book of Surgical Instruments and Hospital necessaries
(Form No. XIV—10).

(6)Register showing receipts and issues of Medicines (Form
No. XIV—24).

(7)Visitors' Book (Form No. XXV—13).

(8)Inspection Book (Form No. XXV—14).

(9)Register of reports of outbreaks of contagious cattle diseases
(Form No. XXV—35).

(10)Contingent Register (Form No. 1—72).

(11)Register of Stamp Account (Form No. 79).

(12)Tour Register (Form No. XXV—5).

(13)Patients' Ticket-book (Form No. XXV—1).

C. P. Sectt.
letters Nos.
1089 and
2195, d.
15-2-02 and
5-4-08 and
No. 589,—
XIII -10-37,
d. 21-10-08.

124. Free treatment shall be given at all Veterinary Dispensaries to
all Government animals brought to the Dispensary within working hours,
which shall include free attendance of Veterinary Assistants at the stables
where Government animals are kept; but conveyance charges will be paid
(vide paragraph 157), when the Veterinary Assistant has to proceed more
than one mile to official patients. Cattle belonging to the Local Bodies, by

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