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receipt of information. He shall leave behind him, either with the Assistant in
charge of the Dispensary,or with the Tahsildar or Chairman of the Local
Body, such detail of his proposed tour as may be possible.

101. Under the orders contained in Appendix B the patwari
reports such outbreaks both to the Deputy Commissioner and Veterinary
Assistant in Form No. 33 of Schedule XXV. The Veterinary Assistant
should abstract the details in his register, and file them in the Dispensary
after taking necessary action.

102.   He shall adopt suppressive measures, such as isolation of all
sick or suspected animals; inspect healthy cattle daily, in order to detect
suspicious cases; disinfect sheds and fittings; cause all droppings and
litter of sick animals to be removed and burnt, and see that all carcases
of animals dying of infectious or contagious disease are properly buried
or burnt.

103.   In carrying out the measures detailed in the preceding rule,
the Veterinary Assistant should seek the co-operation of the district and
village officials, while taking care to avoid troubling cattle owners unneces-

104.   He should advise cattle owners as to the nature of the disease,
its treatment and the steps necessary to overcome it, and induce them to
co-operate in extirpating the disease.

105.   On investigating the nature of the disease, he shall make a special
report to  the District Inspector, if he is not on the spot, giving in
detail the symptoms, number of attacks and deaths, and the measures

106.   He shall inform the inhabitants of neighbouring villages of the
existence and prevalence of disease, and advise them to keep the cattle
belonging to their villages away from the infected areas.

107.  In the case of contagious disease affecting villages near the
boundary of another tahsil or taluk, he shall give due intimation to the
Tahsildar concerned, in order that he may warn the Veterinary Assistant
of that tahsil or taluk to adopt precautionary measures.

108.   In the event of village officials not rendering the necessary
assistance, he shall report the fact, with the least possible delay, to the
Tahsildar, a copy of the report being submitted to the District Inspector.

109.   When a Veterinary Inspector is present at an outbreak of
contagious disease and organizes measures for inoculation and other
methods of treatment, in conjunction with any Veterinary Assistant of the
District or Central Staff, that Assistant will work under the direct control
of the Veterinary Inspector.

C. P Gazette
No. 166, d.

110. The Veterinary Assistant shall report at once to the District
Inspector the appearance of diseases notified under the Glanders and Farcy
Act and carry out the rules of the Act when appointed an Inspector under

111. The Veterinary Assistant will, if he is not engaged in suppress-
ing outbreaks of contagious diseases, or carrying out any special orders,

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