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made in the Roll, send a copy of it to the Superintendent, Civil Veterinary
Department. The Superintendent will also maintain a Nominal Roll of all
Veterinary Inspectors and Veterinary Assistants and he will see that it is
correct and kept up to date and forward a copy of it to the Director of
Agriculture, on the 15th January and 15th July of each year.

42. The returns and reports received by the Superintendent, Civil
        Veterinary Department, are.—

    (a) Returns from Veterinary Dispensaries showing (1) details
        and class of patients treated at the Dispensary; (2)
        the number of animals treated by Veterinary Assistants on
        tour; (3) a statement of receipts and expenditure of Provincial
        Dispensaries; (4) a statement showing the quantity of sera
        received and consumed. Of the above, (1), (2) and (3) should
        be submitted monthly, and (4) quarterly.

    (b) Reports of outbreaks of cattle-disease submitted by Veterinary
        Assistants in accordance with Appendix B.

    (c) Annual Reports on the working of Veterinary Dispensaries.

    (d) Inspectors' reports on the inspection of Veterinary Dispen-
        saries in his Division.

    (e) Inoculation statements showing result of inoculation and vac-

    (f) Indents for medicines, etc.

    (g) Indents for forms.

    (h) Inspection reports of Tonga Dâk Lines by the Veterinary

    (i) Reports on cattle fairs and shows.

    (j) Reports on inspection of Government bulls lent to Court of
        Wards' Estates.

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