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Para. 8 of
C. P. Sectt.
letter No.
10-9, d. 21-
12-07, and
Soctt. letter
No. 149—
d. 2.4-09.

7. No Veterinary Assistant may be promoted above the 2nd grade,
unless declared to be thoroughly efficient after undergoing such tests as the
Superintendent may prescribe.

Appointments to the senior grade of Rs. 70 may not at any time exceed
10 per cent of the total strength, and must be filled either (a) by selection
from the 1st grade or, (b) in special cases, where the Assistant has
done specially good work and cannot expect early promotion to the post
of Veterinary Inspector by selection from the lower grades, or (c) by direct
appointment, on the ground that the candidate possesses special knowledge
of laboratory work or scientific methods and that his services are specially
required and cannot otherwise be obtained. All matters regarding the
travelling allowance, leave and pension of the Provincial Civil Veterinary
Department are governed by the Civil Service Regulations.

C. P. Sectt.
letter No.
10-40, d. 18-

8. The appointment, leave, transfer, punishment (other than dismis-
sal) and promotion of Veterinary Assistants of all grades are made by the
Superintendent, Civil Veterinary Department, subject only to the ordinary
right of appeal from the Superintendent's orders to the Director of Agri-
culture. As regards Veterinary Inspectors all powers are reserved to the
Director of Agriculture who will however generally take the opinion of
the Superintendent, Civil Veterinary Department, but the power of grant-
ing leave and making appointments for not more than three months is
exercised by the Superintendent, Civil Veterinary Department, who will
however send a copy of his orders for the Director's information. All
powers in regard to the appointment, &c., of Deputy Superintendents are
reserved to the Local Administration.

C. C'.s Book
Cir., part 4,
Serial No. 6,
para 5.

9. All appointments to posts of Veterinary Inspector and all first
appointments to any grade of Veterinary Assistant will be held on pro-
bation for not less than six months.

C. P. Sectt.
letter No.
10-29, d. 19-
11 -12.

10. A Veterinary Assistant is permanently attached to the Agricul-
tural Department, Central Provinces, and placed under the orders of the
Principal, Agricultural College, for:—

(i) the better care and management of the animals in the Maharaj

(ii) the veterinary supervision of the stock on the Nagpur, Telin-
kheri and Tharsa Farms and the dairy and breeding Farms
at Telinkheri, and

(iii) the practical instruction of students of the Agricultural College,
Nagpur, in Veterinary work.

He is granted a remunerative local allowance of Rs. 15.

The Veterinary Assistant is taken from the existing cadre and his
pay is charged to the budget of the Veterinary Department, the Agriculture
Department paying only the allowances specified above.

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