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                        (ii) Donkey stallions.

Table X.

29. Thirteen jack donkeys belonged to the department at the
beginning of the year and two had to be des-
troyed, leaving 11 at the end of the year.

Table XI.

30. Ten donkeys were at stud work and their coverings num-
bered 208, making an average of 20.8 per animal.

                        CHAPTER VII.

                    FAIRS AND SHOWS.

Fairs and shows.

31.     Several cattle fairs and shows were held in -the province in
which the officers of the department participa-
ted. Prizes were awarded to encourage breeding
and veterinary exhibits were displayed as usual at the important fairs
such as Batesar, district Agra, Dewa, district Bara Banki, Dadri
district Ballia and Makanpur, district Cawnpore. Some veterinary
exhibits were also displayed at the poultry exhibition at Etah which
was well organized. At Dewa, Khan Bahadur Sheikh Niaz Moham-
mad explained to the influential zamindars, who attended the fair
the benefits and necessity of veterinary aid in carrying cut agricul-
tural operations successfully. The question of deputation of a
veterinary assistant surgeon from the Bara Banki district veterinary
staff to the fair has been settled and the veterinary assistant surgeon.
attached to Bara Banki hospital was deputed, who carried out the
treatment of sick animals. Arrangements for guarding against
outbreaks of contagious diseases were made in all the fairs and shows
by the district board staff in co-operation with circle veterinary
inspectors and headquarters veterinary assistant surgeons, wherever
necessary, under direct supervision, in most cases, of the Circle Super-

32.     The Circle Superintendent, Allahabad, along with Deputy
Superintendent, Basti, attended the Agricultural and Industrial
Exhibition, which was organized by the district authorities at
Bahraich in August last. Veterinary exhibits were displayed and
the people, who attended the exhibition, were explained the ways of
suppression of the common contagious diseases among the cattle.

33.     The temporary veterinary hospital annually opened at the
Megh Mela exhibition at Allahabad for the treatment of sick animals
brought to the fair did useful work and some of the Exhibits displayed
created great interest among the visitors and pilgrims drawn from
remote parts of India.

                            CHAPTER VIII.



34. Much is desired in this direction for furthering the cause
of the department but the question of finances
stands in the way, and better days are eagerly
awaited. Pamphlets dealing with the common contagious and

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