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Of the total expenditure, a sum of Rs. 13,92,167 was
contributed by Government and Rs. 10,68,395 by local

The figures shown under "Provincial" were supplied by
the Accountant-General, Punjab, as usual, whilst those
under "Local" were obtained from the local bodies concerned.

                    IX.—GENERAL REMARKS.

45. During the year under report, Rs. 1,500 were
sanctioned by Government for the grant of rewards to Pat-
waris and Lambardars showing promptness in reporting
cattle diseases to the Veterinary Assistant in charge of
the nearest dispensary. Now that this system of rewards
has been introduced, it is hoped that notice will be taken of
defaulters by District officers concerned. The Department
can expect very little progress in disease control until the
village officials accept some responsibility for disease gaining
entrance into their village and also for its eradication. The
fatalistic attitude adopted at present by which God is held
entirely responsible for the introduction of disease is not
likely to be helpful in combating diseases of a contagious

On the recommendations of this Department, Commis-
sioners and Deputy Commissioners' Sanads were awarded
to various persons in the Province who had rendered special
help to the Department during the year.

Consequent upon the separation of the Veterinary
Department from the Department of Agriculture with effect
from April 1st, 1928, the clerical work of the headquarters
office at Lahore has during the subsequent months undergone
the necessary re-organisation in accordance with the recom-
mendations made by an experienced officer of the Civil Secre-
tariat who was placed on special duty for this purpose at the
instance of Government.

The relief afforded to the Director and his Superinten-
dents in the conduct of the work of the Department by direct
communication with Government has been most marked.
There is every hope that the improved status of the Depart-
ment in the eyes of Government will not alone inspire keen-
ness in the staff but will add very materially to its general
efficiency in serving the needs of agriculturists in the Province.

In giving effect to these changes in the Department's
organisation the Director wishes to place on record his
appreciation of the able assistance given by his Head Clerk,

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