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grazing. They have too delicate a constitution unless kept
under ideal conditions.

A number of Damani rams was introduced into the
Mianwali district from the North-West Frontier Province
chiefly into the "Thal" ilaqa, they however did not stand the
adverse conditions there and a number of them died.

Sheep breeding, to a certain extent, is also carried on
in the Canal Colony areas of Multan Revenue Division but
the work there is chiefly in the hands of uneducated low
caste nomadic classes.

Propaganda work was done in certain other districts
of the Province as a result of which several applications for
the supply of sheep were received from bona fide sheep-bree-
ders of Amritsar, Lahore and Dera Ghazi Khan districts.

                    IV.—BUFFALO BREEDING.

40. The attitude of local bodies towards the improve-
ment of buffalo breeding has so far been regrettably apathetic
The number of buffalo bulls kept by these bodies in the Pro-
vince is extremely small and is inadequate to meet the re-
quirements of even a small village.

The district boards are moved through the officers
of this Department to consider this most important problem
seriously and it is hoped that with their co-operation we
will be in a position to show a perceptible improvement in
this industry in the near future.

                        V.—Fairs and Shows.

Fairs and Shows.—
Table IX.

41. The statistical information regarding cattle fairs
and shows under this Department is
given in Table IX. These were held
in 22 districts of the Province. As
usual, all fairs were attended by the officers of the Department.
The total number of fairs held during the year under report
was 98 against 94 in the previous year.


Co-operative Societies.

42. At the close of the year under report the number
of Co-operative Societies in the Province
showed an increase of 11 Cattle Breeding
Societies. The Department welcomes the steady increase

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