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The department welcomes the steady increase in
the number of Co-operative Societies and is specially
catering for their requirements. By special arrangement
261 heifers were supplied during the year from the
Hissar Farm, the majority of which went to members
of Co-operative Societies.


Numerical Strength.—
Table VI.

40. At the close of the previous year the sanctioned
cadre of the subordinate veterinary
staff was 247 (27 Veterinary Inspectors
and 220 Veterinary Assistants). Dur-
ing the year under report one additional Veterinary Ins-
pector was sanctioned for Simla Veterinary Hospital.
This additional appointment in the Veterinary Inspectors
grade resulted in the reduction of strength of 1st grade
Veterinary Assistants from 44 to 43. Besides the above
the following additional staff was sanctioned during the


Veterinary Assistant Surgeons.


Veterinary Assistant,

1st grade.


Veterinary Assistants,

2nd grade.


Veterinary Assistants,

3rd grade.

Thus at the close of the year the sanctioned cadre
of the subordinate veterinary staff was:—

Veterinary Inspectors ... ... ...


Veterinary Assistant Surgeons ... ...


Veterinary Assistants, 1st grade ... ...


Veterinary Assistants, 2nd grade ... ...


Veterinary Assistants, 3rd grade .... ...



Expenditure.—Table X.

41.  The expenditure of the Department is given in
table X. Provincial figures are supplied
by the Accountant-General, Punjab—

the "Local" figures are obtained direct from the local
authorities concerned.

                                      General Remarks.

42.   A grant of Rs. 1,000 was sanctioned by Govern-
ment for rewards to Patwaries and Lambardars as a
stimulus for prompt reporting of contagious diseases.

The Department is hopeful that this system of re-
wards though decidedly small will encourage Patwaries

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