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(6) Sayed Mahmud Shah, B.A., LL.B., Hono-
rary Secretary, Dhanni Cattle-Breeding Asso-
ciation, Rawalpindi.

(7) Sardar Jiwan .Singh, Rais, Daultala, district

(8) Captain Raja Khan, Zaildar, Jatli, district

Cattle-breeding grants.

33. There has been on the whole quite a noticeable
improvement in the general working of
these cattle grants during the year.

The Jahangirabad Farm has continued to make very
satisfactory progress whilst the management of the Bahadur-
nagar Farm has considerably improved.

The increased demand for stud bulls should provide the
necessary incentive to the lessees to arrange more liberal
feeding rations for their farm animals in future.

Although cattle at present prices may not pay for costly
stall feeding it would appear doubtful economy to neglect
to provide suitable rations for animals intended for sale.

The small cattle grants of ½ to two squares each which
were given by Government near village Shergarh in the
Montgomery District to encourage the breeding of Mont-
gomery cattle have made good progress. Milk-recording
societies have been started by the Co-operative Department
amongst the grantees, a special staff to supervise their work-
ing has been provided.

Buffalo Breeding.

34. District Boards also private breeders were urged
to provide buffalo bulls at suitable
centres and assistance was given by
the Department in the selection of animals up to standard
for breeding purposes.

The need is felt for a buffalo-breeding farm from
which suitable pedigree male stock can be easily procured.

The castration of inferior male stock is being pushed
with vigour. The results of the Department's work have
hitherto been most encouraging in those areas where large
number of buffaloes are kept for breeding purposes.


Number of stallions.—
Table VIII.

35. During the year under report one Provincial
donkey was added to the sanctioned
scale of Kangra District.

The position in regard to the transfer of Palwal and
Balabgarh Tahsils of the Gurgaon District for horse and

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