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The total number of approved bulls enrolled at the end of
the year was 187, an increase of 79 bulls, of which 41 have
been entered on the subsidy system. This very decided
increase in the number of bulls enrolled has been made
possible by the generous financial support given this year
by Government.

It is a matter for regret that no additional supervising
staff has yet been provided to deal with the very marked
expansion in the work of the scheme. The local staff have,
however, responded well to the additional work thrust upon
them whilst certain changes have had to be effected in the
collection of statistics in order to release the Veterinary
Assistants for more important duties.

Covering results traced for the year ending March
1925 have given a birth percentage of 68 on 12,219
coverings done by the approved bulls. Six thousand
one hundred and forty-three calves were born, includ-
ing 3,203 male and 2,940 female calves. This result
represents a very satisfactory increase in the number of
well bred young stock born in the tract for that year. It
gives an indication of the possibilities of a well organised
cattle-breeding scheme run on popular lines amongst the
poorer zamindars the majority of whom are born cattle-
breeders naturally interested in the progress of the work.

It is of special satisfaction to the Department that the
funds devoted to Dhanni cattle improvement should be
entirely spent in the villages of the Dhanni Tract.

I have to bring to the notice of Government the names
of the following gentlemen whose assistance has contributed
to the successful working of the Dhanni cattle-breeding
scheme during the year:—

(1)   Sheikh Muhammad Nazir, Tahsildar, Tallagang,
district Attock.

(2)  Lala Ganpat Rai, Member, District Board, Jand,
district Attock.

(3)     Chaudhri Feroze Din, B.A., LL.B., Vice-
chairman, District Board, Jhelum.

(4) Malik Ahmad Khan, Tahsildar, Gujar Khan,
district Rawalpindi.

(5) Sardar Bahadur Chaudhri Sundar Singh,
President, Dhanni Cattle-Breeding Association,
Gujar Khan, district Rawalpindi.

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