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It must be regarded as a particularly healthy sign of
progress that the sources of supply are being so heavily
taxed to meet the increased demand for pedigree bulls in
this province that immediate steps are being taken for
doubling the output of stud bulls from the Government
Cattle Farm, Hissar.

There is very definite evidence of a steadily increasing
demand for the services of pedigree bulls in the villages.
This is especially noticeable amongst the poor zamindars
whose resources do not often permit of their purchasing
a bull solely for their own use and who have of necessity to
rely on the District Board to provide a stud bull for their
village. In those villages, however, where a cattle-breeding
society has been started it is a comparatively simple matter
for the members to subscribe the cost of a bull and be
independent of the Board's decision. An increase in the
number of such societies towards which a special effort is
being made with the help of the Co-operative Department
should materially help in the present difficulty of financing
schemes for cattle improvement with small Government

In last year's Annual Report the difficulties in carry-
ing through any general scheme of cattle improvement
were freely discussed, particular emphasis being laid on the
necessity for providing more liberal funds and an adequate
supervising staff.

It was with some little satisfaction therefore that the
announcement was received during the year of the improved
financial position of the Local Government, making it
possible to arrange more generous provision in future
towards the expansion of the work of the Department.
Accordingly proposals for a five years' expansion scheme
have been submitted and are now under the consideration
of Government.

There are reasons to believe therefore that the position
has undergone a considerable change for the better and
that it will be possible for the Department to tackle the
cattle problem in a more hopeful spirit in the future. It
is felt, however, that for some little time the Department
could profitably employ its newly acquired resources in
consolidating its position as undoubtedly it has in the past
committed itself to a highly ambitious working programme,
considering the facilities with which it was provided.

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