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Vaccinations against
Black-quarter.—Table III.

21. Vaccinations against this disease were performed
on 20,931 animals in 111 villages of
10 districts against 15,842, 91 and 8,
respectively, during the previous year.

The highest number of vaccinations (4,680) was performed
in the Dera Ghazi Khan District.

The Black-quarter aggression obtained from the Director,
Imperial Institute of Veterinary Research, Muktesar, was
used during the year with satisfactory results.

Other               Contagious
Diseases.—Table II.

22. During the year under report 3,674 deaths were
reported to have taken place amongst
bovines from other contagious diseases
as compared with 493 deaths in the
previous year.

These include the following diseases:—

Surra, Gillar, Mange, Cow-pox, Liver Fluke, Conta-
gious Pleuro Pneumonia, etc.

An unusually virulent form, of Surra in bovines occur-
red in the Karnal and Rohtak Districts.

                                          (c)Other Animals.

Mortality.-Table II.

23. During the year under report 2,617 deaths occurred
amongst other animals of the province
as compared with 2,816 in the previous
year. Mortality figures are given below:—

Rinderpest ... ...


Foot and Mouth disease ...


Hæmorrhagic septicæmia ...


Other contagious diseases ...




                                     II.—OTHER DISEASES.

Treatment of diseases in
villages.—Table IV.

24. During the year under report 22,602 villages
were visited by Veterinary Assistants on
tour, 120,502 animals were treated and
107,196 castrations performed as com-
pared with 18,505 villages, 109,390 cases and 97,869
castrations during the previous year. These figures show
steady progress all round in the field work as compared
with the preceding year.

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